February 16, 2015

Simi Valley Dog Park Now Open

Simi Valley Dog Park Big Sky Lost Canyons

Simi Valley Dog Park Now Open

(Map Below) I made it up to the Simi Valley Dog Park last Monday Evening with my pooch “Bentley”.  I was quite surprised.  I love the location.  This section of Simi Valley in the Santa Susana Mountains is breathtaking and has the best views of the surrounding  hills, canyons and valley…better than Long Canyon and Wood Ranch. To get to the Simi Valley Dog Park go north on Erringer from the 118 freeway, then at Lost Canyons make a right turn and then at Parkside make a left.  Drive past the ball fields and up to the top, past the water tank. The Simi Valley Dog Park is completely fenced in, divided in two sections,  one section for large breeds and the other for small breeds.  This is in the Big Sky housing development on the north central side of Simi Valley.

This is going to be a popular place for dog lovers to come and play with their dogs and let their dogs socialize with other dogs.

Simi Valley Dog Park Located in the Big Sky Lost Canyons developments

I even thought that if you were a dog lover, but did not have a home that could accommodate dog ownership, you could visit the park and enjoy the dogs.  The Simi Valley Dog Park is a great place to visit if you are planning to purchase or rescue a dog soon, as you can meet dog owners and ask questions and observe how the different breeds interact.

This park is beautiful and something our city needed.  The only flaw I could find in the Simi Valley Dog park was the watering station.  It was not well planned and it has turned into a mud pit very close to the entrance.  This can be fixed and should prove to be a temporary nuisance.

To get to the park take Erringer north to Lost Canyons Drive and turn right. Then go to 2151 Lost Canyons Dr. Simi Valley Ca 93065. When you see the Baseball field on the left you are almost there. Turn left into the entrance of the base ball fields and drive past the fields all the way up to the top of the hill. The Google Map below has an old satellite photo.
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  1. Heather says:

    I am soooo thankful that Simi has it’s own dog park now. The location for this is perfect, including a great view of the city and mountain tops. Both sides of the dog park (Small dog and Big dog) are HUGE with more than enough room to roam and play. People have also been wonderful about donating bags for poop duty. Thanks again to the city of Simi for giving us this wonderful doggie get away.

  2. Heather,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I love the dog park and I agree the location is perfect. Now I need to get up there more often.

  3. Marlene says:

    Love the Park but disappointed this morning…got there and it was locked up. Had too very disappointed dogs in the car with me.

  4. Murphydog says:

    What a great dog park Simi has! I think all the doggies who live here are super lucky. I was here visiting my Mom’s grandma (which makes me her Great Grand-dog!) and was lucky enough to get to visit your wonderful park.

    I love that the big doggies and small doggies have separate places to play, and I really liked how big it is. Being that I am a Great Dane, I need lots of room to get my legs moving.

    While I was a bit toasty in the summer afternoon heat, once all of those young trees do some growing, this place is going to be perfect!

    wags, slobbers & wiggles

  5. Marlene & Murphydog, Thanks for stopping by. I really like the location. In time the trees will grow up, but it is nice to be back in the canyon. Great vistas, a very relaxing place.

  6. I have 5 years old Boxer named Rocky, when he was about 2 I did take him to the dog park in Modesto, Ca since then he has not been to a dog park. He has not communicated with other dogs since then. Please let me know if you’ve heard of any cases like this and if you think he would be a problem at the dog park. Also, do you recommend me bringing him in with a muzzle and what time of the day would be the least busiest time.
    Thank You,

  7. Mary,

    Thanks for stopping by. I typed a response in January and it’s missing. There are dogs there with muzzles, bring it, put it on Rocky and see how he does and then maybe you can take it off.

  8. MaryKate Costello-Hogarth says:

    We just rescued a black lab named Luke and were looking for a dog park in order to socialize him. Some friends suggested Simi Dog Park and we took Luke there and he loved it! It really is great for the dogs and just a beautiful location! We have already been there three times with Luke and our kids. We live across the street from CSUN but it is well worth the drive.

    Thank you!

  9. MaryKate, Thanks for your comments. Come back, it’s a great place for dogs and nice views for the humans.

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