May 3, 2014

#31 Pho Real Challenge Bamboo Cafe 365 Things to do in Simi Valley

Pho Real Challenge Simi Valley Bamboo CafeSimi Valley’s newest restaurant, the Bamboo Café, offers a Vietnamese menu. Owner and Chef Tony Doan has added a unique menu item to his restaurant which is bringing in many eager eaters. The Pho Real Challenge is an eating contest reminiscent of the movie ” The Great Outdoors”, where John Candy takes the challenge to eat the “Ole 96er”, a 96-ounce prime age beef steak.

Chef Doan’s challenge is a gigantic bowl of Pho Soup. Challengers must consume everything but the broth which is approximately 2 pounds of meat and 2 pounds of Pho noodles. In the first week over half a dozen customers came in and won the challenge. The prize for winning the challenge is a T-shirt, your picture on the Bamboo Café Facebook page and no charge for the bowl of soup. This challenge is proving to be a lot of fun and bring in a lot of customers, check out the video below and even if you’re not up for the Pho Real Challenge, Chef Doan’s menu has many other terrifically tasting items.

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