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Active real estate broker and entrepreneur in Simi Valley. Ted has a passion for business, has deep knowledge about residential and commercial real estate and is one of the few to be a long time blogger/writer on these subjects. In his free time you'll find Ted enjoying baseball with his family (Go Dodgers), reaching his goal of spanish fluency, and pursuing his hobbies with RC aircraft and Lionel Trains.

Simi Valley Welcomes Arby’s

welcome arbys

Finally, Simi Valley Welcomes Arby’s Roast Beef.  Residents of the City of Simi Valley have for years spoke out at neighborhood councils, city council, planing commission meetings and various online groups for the need of an Arby’s restaurant and it is finally here. The Restaurant is located at 1408 East Los Angeles Ave and has replaced the […]

January 2017 Simi Valley Housing Update

January 2017 Simi Valley Housing Update shows a stable market.  Closed units for the month stayed on par looking back at January starts for the last few years and even though median price came in a little lower, it was not significant.  While people may talk about a robust market with homes going out at multiple […]

December 2016 Simi Valley Home Sales

December 2016 Simi Valley Home Sales

December 2016 Simi Valley Home Sales followed a similar pattern as the last few months.  Fewer homes sold compared to the year before, median prices dropped and luxury homes sales were down.  Final sales prices compared to their original list price tightened again slightly.  Median home price for the year is up 3.49%.  Housing wire […]

New plumbing fixture law California Civil Code § 1101.4

Property transfers plumbing fixture replacement

The new plumbing fixture law is not that new at all.  It is part of an older code that has restrictions that were built into the law over time.  Some cities like Los Angeles have had tougher restrictions for quite a while. October 11, 2009 SB 407, Property transfers: plumbing fixtures replacement was signed into law.  Triggers […]

November 2016 Simi Valley Home Sales

custom yards signs ted mackel simi valley real estate

November 2016 Simi Valley Home Sales, the luxury home sector volume slows.  Sales in the most active price ranges continue to move.  November saw the gap between the original asking price and the final negotiated sales price tighten a little.  Any single family detached home that shows up on the market under $400,000 tends to need […]

Loans The difference between a pre approval and pre qualification

Are you are in the process of buying a home? Are you are constantly asked if you have spoken with a lender? Some real estate agents will not even work with you until you get a pre-approval from a lender.  Maybe you did talk to a lender and you have a pre-qualification.  Is there a […]

Who You Hire Makes A Difference

Who you hire makes a difference in the success of your real estate purchase or your real estate sale.  Four key factors rise to the top in every real estate transaction.  These are attributes your real estate agent will need to help guide you through one of the more important transaction of your life. Rapport, Reputation, […]