Simi Valley Welcomes Arby’s

welcome arbys

Finally, Simi Valley Welcomes Arby’s Roast Beef.  Residents of the City of Simi Valley have for years spoke out at neighborhood councils, city council, planing commission meetings and various online groups for the need of an Arby’s restaurant and it is finally here. The Restaurant is located at 1408 East Los Angeles Ave and has replaced the […]

Simi Sams Sandwich Shop 365 Things to do in Simi Valley

Simi Sams Sandwich Factory has been serving Simi Valley for over 32 years.  Serving up Sub Sandwiches, Salads, Soups and their famous Chili to locals.  The shop really has the local community atmosphere including what I affectionate refer to as the curmudgeon table, actually there are no grumpy old men at the table even though […]

St Patrick’s Day at the Junkyard Cafe Every Month? 365 Things to do in Simi Valley

(Video Below) #33 – St Patrick’s Day at the Junkyard Cafe happens every on month on the 17th.  It has been a three year tradition for the Junkyard Cafe to serve corn beef and cabbage, green beer, break out the bagpipers and be Irish.  It is wildly popular and you will not be disappointed. I originally […]

#31 Pho Real Challenge Bamboo Cafe 365 Things to do in Simi Valley

Simi Valley’s newest restaurant, the Bamboo Café, offers a Vietnamese menu. Owner and Chef Tony Doan has added a unique menu item to his restaurant which is bringing in many eager eaters. The Pho Real Challenge is an eating contest reminiscent of the movie ” The Great Outdoors”, where John Candy takes the challenge to […]

#20 Yoga Nook – (Video blog) 365 Things to do is Simi Valley

(Video below) Simi Valley’s Yoga Nook is located at 2472 Stearns Street just off the the south side of the 118 freeway.  The Studio is 7 years old, owned and operated by Jeni Winterburn, long time Yoga instructor and Simi Valley resident.  I happened to visit on a Monday evening and class was full of […]

#14 Jazz Night at Giovanni’s – 365 Things to do in Simi Valley

(Video) Thursday Nights at Giovanni’s in Simi Valley is featuring live jazz music with the Tony Maddox Band.   Giovanni’s  has put together a special menu for Thursday nights so you come down for cocktails and music or enjoy dinner as well.  Tony calls this “Thursday Night Therapy” with a mix of Jazz & Standards.

#12 Lost Canyons Golf Course Friday Night Dinner – 365 Things to do in Simi Valley

(Video Blog) Summer is here and so is Friday Night Dinner at Lost Canyons Golf Course. The Friday Night Dinners began the first week of June and will continue up through September with outdoor dining on the patio, live music and great views of the area. This is not a private club, so everyone is […]

#9 TuTu’s Mobile Shave Ice – 365 Things to do in Simi Valley

(Video Below) Tutu’s Shave Ice is now 100% mobile. Simi Valley Business owner Scott Miller, keeps his customers and fans up-to-date on his locations through Tutu’s Facebook page and Twitter page. So if you’re craving one of Tutu’s Shave Ice creations, just login to Facebook, check Tutu’s page and Scott will have posted his current […]

#8 Skatelab Skateboarding Museum & Hall of Fame – 365 things to do in Simi Valley

(Video Below) Did you know that Simi Valley is home to the skateboarding Hall of Fame? Did you know that Skatelab indoor (air conditioned) skate park houses the nation’s largest collection of skateboard memorabilia and historical artifacts? Skatelab Simi Valley is well-known throughout the skateboarding industry and is well known to many of the youth […]

#7 Go Yogurt – 365 Things to do in Simi Valley (Video)

(Video Below) Yogurt and dessert fans got to come out and see Go Yogurt. I remember in the early 1990’s. Yogurt was hot. Penguins was “the franchise” in the Yogurt business and then the Yogurt business seemed to fade away. In the last several years Yogurt has made a healthy return to retail spaces all […]