Reduce Your Junk Mail & Protect Yourself From Identity Theft – OPT OUT

Identity theft

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft. The last time you sold or bought a house or refinance, you were probably inundated with offers for new loans. If you wonder why you get so many pre approved credit card offers, wonder no more. The Big Three Credit Reporting Agencies are selling your information to marketers and mail […]

Three Reasons Why FREE CREDIT REPORTS are BAD!

Montinoring your credit is good. It is necessary today on a semi annual basis to make sure you do not fall victim to identity theft.  If you are in the middle of credit rehab, then a daily monitoring service with the ability to pull a fresh consumer report every 24 hours is a must. The […]

An Introduction To Your Credit Report

Credit Secrets? Credit and Credit scores are very mysterious. Mysterious to the point that many people do not pay much attention to their Credit status until it is time to make a purchase. The little steps you take today can pay huge dividends later when you go to purchase that next home, car or appliance, […]