What are California Propositions 60 and 90

California Proposition

What are California Propositions 60 and 90? California Propositions 60 and 90 are constitutional initiatives passed by California voters. They provide property tax relief by preventing reassessment when a senior citizen sells his/her existing residence and purchases or constructs a replacement residence worth the same or less than the original. WERE THEY ENACTED? Propositions 60 and 90 encourage a […]

Who pays for What? Simi Valley Home Buyers & Home Sellers want to know

Who pays for What

Who pays for What? What costs are customary for a buyer and seller varies from state to state and in some states like California, what is customary for buyers and sellers in Southern California may be different than in Northern California. The following list is what is generally customary for  Home Buyers and Sellers in […]

What is a Sub Escrow Fee?

Who pays for What

What is a Sub Escrow Fee and why do I have to pay it? A Sub Escrow Fee is not an escrow fee. The Sub Escrow is a service provided by the Title Companies where the buyer’s lender requires the Title Company to take the buyer’s loan proceeds and send (via check or wire) the […]

Simi Valley Senior Housing Rehabilitation

Simi Valley Senior Housing Assistance

Did you know that there is a Simi Valley Senior Housing Rehabilitation Assistance program to assist low income homeowners rehabilitate their homes? Simi Valley Senior Housing Loans for Rehab are available up to $50,000 at 2% interest with no monthly payments. The loan is due only when you sell or refinance your home. These loans are […]

How Do Home Sellers Gain An Advantage?

Home Sellers Advantage

We love our homes, we believe they are top notch; so how do home sellers gain an advantage in the market?  To answer that question we need to better understand the process from listing a home for sale, through the buyer’s investigations after an offer is accepted. The seller sets the price at which they are […]

Two Home Renovation Projects That will Cost You Big Time

Home Rennovation

There are Two Home Renovation Projects That will Cost You Big Time.  Proceed at your own risk. Decide if your comfort level is more important than what you might sell your house for several years down the road.  If you think you may move soon,  don’t make the following changes to your home.  If you […]

5 Items Sellers can improve to make their house standout.

Home Seller Improvements

5 Items Sellers can improve to make their house standout can be relatively simple and inexpensive.  Even though a buyer will see your home in pictures online before seeing your home in person, the presentation of your entire home is critical. These 5 items can make the difference in offer price and overall buyer interest. […]

What Home Sellers Need To Know About Home Inspections

Home Inspection Simi Valley

As a Home Seller what do you need to know about home inspections.  What can you do to prepare yourself for the information in the inspection report?  Now that you have accepted an offer from a buyer, the buyer will set up an appointment or appointments to complete investigations of your property. According to home […]