Big Sky Simi Valley Neighborhood Watch

Big Sky Neighborhood Watch

Big Sky Simi Valley Neighborhood Watch Startup Meeting is this coming Tuesday May 17, 2016 from 7:00 – 8:30 pm. The Simi Valley Police Department’s Jean-Marie Maroshek is helping to organize this effort for the Big Sky community.  The community Neighborhood Watch program will help SVPD stop crime in our lovely communities.  The program is […]

Simi Valley Happy Face Hill

Happy Face Hill Simi Valley

Simi Valley’s Happy Face Hill has greeted motorists traveling westbound on the 118 Ronald Reagan Freeway since 1988 when Sonny Klamerus first created this landmark. It has become an iconic image for the city of Simi Valley. The property in front of the image is currently under construction for residential development. In prior years it […]

5 things you need to know before moving to Simi Valley

Moving to Simi Valley

Moving to Simi Valley.  Every area has it’s quirks and if you are new to Simi Valley, it’s hard to find out much till after you live here for a while.  Fortunately the quirks of Simi Valley are tame but these 5 things are interesting to know. It gets windy here! Tradition has it that “Simi” […]

Simi Valley Free Tree Replacement and Wood Chip Programs

If you live in the City of Simi Valley and need wood chips for your yards, the City of Simi Valley’s Free Wood Chip Program is just a phone call away.  By calling (805) 583-6400 or sending an email to, you can request either an approximate 8 cubic yard load or 16 cubic yard […]

One of Two Rumored New Simi Valley Walmart Locations Finally Disclosed

3 walmarts in Simi Valley

In a surprising disclosure, Simi Valley Councilman Glen Becerra announced that Walmart is indeed the Tenant that will occupy the vacant Mervyn’s building at the corner of Sycamore and Cochran. In February I wrote about the two new locations; both the Mervyn’s and the vacant Von’s on Tapo Street. (see:  3 Walmarts in Simi Valley?) […]

3 Walmarts in Simi Valley?

3 walmarts in Simi Valley

Could the future hold 3 Walmarts in Simi Valley?  Before I dive into the two new rumored Walmart locations for Simi Valley, I want to be perfectly clear about my position on Walmart.  Consumer retail habits change; for example, Soda Fountains don’t exist in Drug Stores anymore not because consumers are unpatriotic jerks, but rather […]

Simi Valley Library City Control or County Control Shakes Up The Community

As local governments face the difficulty of budgeting with reduced revenues, County and State agencies are threatening to take money from city coffers; it’s no surprise that local government is scrutinizing all services offered to their communities.  I have really stayed away from the issue surrounding the future control of the Simi Valley Library as […]

#1 – Simi Valley Cajun Music Festival – 365 Things To Do

(Video Below) What a better way to start off 365 Things to do in Simi Valley with the largest event our city has. The Simi Valley Cajun Music Festival takes place every Memorial Day weekend on Saturday and Sunday. The two-day event hosts numerous top Cajun musical acts from across the country including Grammy award […]

Simi Valley City Council 3-2 Vote Approves The Simi Valley Landfill Expansion MOU

On Monday evening May 9th, the Simi Valley City Council approved to accept a MOU  (Memorandum of Understand) where the City of Simi Valley will support the expansion plans of the Simi Valley Landfill and in return, Waste Management (the operator of the Simi Valley Landfill) will offset negative impacts to Simi Valley with money […]