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Thinking about selling your Simi Valley home with the short sale process?

My phone typically rings after a Simi Valley homeowner has spent months, maybe even over a year trying to modify their existing home loan.  The reports on the process always seem to be the same. Homeowners faxing the same documentation multiple times only to hear again the representative bank does not have what they need. The file is then transferred to new representative or months go by without any news or updates from the bank only to find out that nothing has happened.

These clients have even approached attorneys who promised they can stop foreclosure proceedings for one reason or the other, typically having to do with faulty loan documents. While these promises seem appealing, the risk of paying the retainer of anywhere from $1500-$5000 to stop the foreclosure is probably throwing good money after bad. Think about it, if you were going to take on the legal department at a bank over the validity of your loan agreement, a smart and skilled attorney capable of the task is going to cost a lot of money.

If all attempts to loan modification have failed and you cannot catch up with back payments or continue with your current payment schedule; it won’t be long before your lender will start the foreclosure process or if they have postponed any foreclosure process already started, move toward a sale date.

If you are in this position and face foreclosure the option of a short sale may be your next step.   The amount of misinformation out there about short sales is staggering. Short Sales are not like normal or traditional real estate sales. You need an experienced short sale agent. There are many real estate agents claiming to be “certified short sales specialists” or “short sale experts“, but sitting in an all-day seminar and collecting a certificate does not compare to the actual successful marketing, negotiating and completion of a short sale.

Over the last seven years, I have completed numerous short sales in Simi Valley and have closed 100% of the Short Sale we have taken on. I have a team of specialists that work with me in this process which has contributed tremendously to our success. I have an assistant that manages your file and I have a third-party negotiator who interacts directly with your lenders to secure short sale approval. My third-party negotiator is an attorney and licensed real estate broker. Our combined experience and successful short sale experience will put you in the best possible position to secure approval on your short sale.

Keeping your Short Sale Confidential is my top priority. 

Your lender may have certain marketing requirements, but there is a way to discreetly expose your property to the market, obtain offers at market value and get approval from your lender on the sales price without telling the whole world you are having a financial challenge at this time in your life.

  •  You don’t always need a yard sign. Unless your lender requires a yard sign or you want one, I do not put yard signs on my short sale listings.
  • I do not talk about you or your short sale on Facebook. Real estate agents on Facebook like to plaster their real estate listings all over their Facebook timeline. If you would like to keep your short sale situation confidential, consider that we may have some of the same friends on Facebook, so there is no need to post your listing or information about your financial situation on Facebook.
  •  The multiple listing service and my company, Keller Williams; syndicates your listing out to all the interested buyers. Current market conditions with the low inventory put your home in front of all the buyers quickly. Obtaining a good solid offer quickly gives me the ability to move your home to a pending status and reducing the chances of your friends and colleagues seeing your home for sale.
  •  This is a difficult time for you and your family. I’ve sold many homes over the last seven years where families have been able to get through these difficult times without having the situation blasted out for all to see.

It seems contradictory to try and sell a home confidentially, but it is possible to take some of the sting out of this process and bring a fair price so your lender will agree to sell your home for less than what you owe.

There are many agents who claim they are short sale specialists, but there is more to sitting in a seminar and waving around a certificate. Being in the trenches daily working directly with many different lenders is very important as the rules change quarterly.

Please take the time to speak to me directly and complete the brief form below.  If this is during normal business hours or an emergency please call or text my cell phone at (805)432-7705.

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