December 2016 Simi Valley Home Sales

December 2016 Simi Valley Home Sales

December 2016 Simi Valley Home Sales followed a similar pattern as the last few months.  Fewer homes sold compared to the year before, median prices dropped and luxury homes sales were down.  Final sales prices compared to their original list price tightened again slightly.  Median home price for the year is up 3.49%.  Housing wire […]

2015 Simi Valley Housing Report

2015 Simi Valley Housing report

2015 Simi Valley Housing Report With 2015 closed let’s look back and see how the market performed to see if there are any signs that might carry into 2016. Simi Valley saw it’s second highest closed sales volume in the last 10 years, with 1,263 homes sold.  2012 saw 1,282 homes sold, but that was the […]

September 2013 Simi Valley Housing Update

Volumes for September 2013 Simi Valley home sales were down 10% compared to September 2012. The median home price is up 16.49% compared to September 2012.  With the increase in home price and with 30 year interest rates over 4%, this 10% reduction in sales volume is not a surprise. Prior to this increase in […]

August 2013 Simi Valley Housing Update

Housing activity in Simi Valley for August 2013 is beginning to show some easing. While the $400,000 a $500,000 price range continues to dominate sales, the list to sell ratio in almost all price categories is starting to back off. This is still a strong seller’s market however homes are selling just under full list […]

July 2013 Simi Valley Housing Update

Simi Valley home sales for July remained strong. The market for single-family detached homes continues to push to stay above 100 units sold per month. Strong sales in July were fueled by buyers in the first and second quarters stuck with a very low inventory and low interest rates. Units sold in July typically began […]

May 2013 Simi Valley Housing Sales Report

Simi Valley housing sales for May 2013 increased by 25 units over April’s volume. Homes continue to sell near, at or just above the original asking price across all price sectors. Homes in the $400,000-$500,000 price range continued to dominate sales as they did in April. The median price for single-family detached homes in Simi […]

April 2013 Simi Valley Housing Sales Report

Some interesting but not unusual shifts in the Simi Valley housing market happened during April. Sales occurring during January, February and March are the result of home buyers tying up homes under contract in the months of November through January. Typical home buyer activities during these months tend to be slower partly due to holidays. […]

March 2013 Simi Valley Housing Sales Report

Competing home buyers are continuing to keep pressure on the Simi Valley housing market. Low inventory and interest rates below 4% are two primary factors pushing the market. With less than 90 homes for sale in Simi Valley on any given day, it’s no wonder buyers are frustrated when competing with multiple offers trying to […]

February 2013 Simi Valley Housing Sales Report

February single-family detached sales volumes in Simi Valley California pretty much mimicked January, however,  median and average pricing vaulted upward due to increased closing volumes in homes priced over $500,000. A total of 81  single-family detached homes sold in February  and breakdown as follows.  15 of the 81 homes were purchased with cash. 9 of […]

Simi Valley Housing Sales Report January 2013

Home sales of single-family detached units in Simi Valley California for the month of January 2013 pulled back with only 85 sales for the month. While this is dramatically lower than the monthly average for 2012 and a 22% decline from December 2012; January and February over the last several years have typically behaved in […]