Sewer Inspection Something Buyers Shouldn’t Skip

Home Inspection Simi Valley

You have found the perfect home, you are ready to write the offer and now all the questions start to come up.  What happens next and how much time do you have?  In California the standard purchase contract defaults to a 17 day contingency period for inspections.  It is pretty much understood by most buyers to hire a […]

5 things you need to know before moving to Simi Valley

Moving to Simi Valley

Moving to Simi Valley.  Every area has it’s quirks and if you are new to Simi Valley, it’s hard to find out much till after you live here for a while.  Fortunately the quirks of Simi Valley are tame but these 5 things are interesting to know. It gets windy here! Tradition has it that “Simi” […]

Simi Valley Oakridge Estates Floor Plans

Simi Valley Oakridge Estates Floor Plans

Below are the Floor Plans for the 4 different models that were built in Simi Valley’s Oakridge Estates. The Tract is dominated by two-story models as there are three. There is one single story floor plan. The largest model, the Valley View,  boasts large bonus room over the three car garage which is usually configured […]

Simi Valley Flood Insurance A Property Owner Headache

Simi Valley Flood Insurance

Simi Valley property owners who are considering selling their property, whether residential or commercial, need to be aware of the current flood maps for Simi Valley Insurance requirements. If their property is located in a flood zone, the flood zoning can create many problems for the seller or purchaser of those properties.  Present government studies […]

Understanding What Multiple Offers Mean to the Market

There is always lots of hype when the Market is recovering or when it is doing well.  The last 18 months has see a definite recovery for Simi Valley Real Estate and we did see many house sell with very competitive multiple offers.  That is cooling off now however, there are homes that are still […]

What Do Buyers Want in A Neighborhood?

The California Association of Realtors published this info graphic, highlighting issues important to home buyers. Even communities such as Simi Valley should take note of this study as the younger generation replacement buyers look for these neighborhood features when purchasing homes.   [wnt_grid maptype=”disabled” exactcity=”1″ ownertype=”all” paginated=”false” sortoptions=”false” maxresults=”3″ search_mode=”form” primarysearchtype=”active” searchtype=”city” state=”CA” min_price=”600000″ max_price=”700000″ […]

3 Reasons Solar is a waste of time for most home owners

Are you thinking of putting a Solar System on your home?  Before you do, make sure you consider that it may have no positive impact on the value of your home and may possibly have a negative impact on the value of your home.  Currently the Average system for the average home in Simi Valley […]