Loans The difference between a pre approval and pre qualification

Are you are in the process of buying a home? Are you are constantly asked if you have spoken with a lender? Some real estate agents will not even work with you until you get a pre-approval from a lender.  Maybe you did talk to a lender and you have a pre-qualification.  Is there a […]

Who pays for What? Simi Valley Home Buyers & Home Sellers want to know

Who pays for What

Who pays for What? What costs are customary for a buyer and seller varies from state to state and in some states like California, what is customary for buyers and sellers in Southern California may be different than in Northern California. The following list is what is generally customary for  Home Buyers and Sellers in […]

What is a Sub Escrow Fee?

Who pays for What

What is a Sub Escrow Fee and why do I have to pay it? A Sub Escrow Fee is not an escrow fee. The Sub Escrow is a service provided by the Title Companies where the buyer’s lender requires the Title Company to take the buyer’s loan proceeds and send (via check or wire) the […]

New Government Regulations Will Give Home Sellers Fits

New Government Regulations

(Video) August 1st, 2015 new government regulations will give home sellers fits as the old Truth in Lending disclosure, HUD-1 and 2010 Good Faith Estimate are going away for a new closing disclosure and and new closing estimate statement.  While the new forms will probably be more straight forward and easier to understand, the devil […]

Sewer Inspection Something Buyers Shouldn’t Skip

Home Inspection Simi Valley

You have found the perfect home, you are ready to write the offer and now all the questions start to come up.  What happens next and how much time do you have?  In California the standard purchase contract defaults to a 17 day contingency period for inspections.  It is pretty much understood by most buyers to hire a […]

5 things you need to know before moving to Simi Valley

Moving to Simi Valley

Moving to Simi Valley.  Every area has it’s quirks and if you are new to Simi Valley, it’s hard to find out much till after you live here for a while.  Fortunately the quirks of Simi Valley are tame but these 5 things are interesting to know. It gets windy here! Tradition has it that “Simi” […]