The Short Sale Process

Short Sale Flow Chart

The Flow Chart below illustrates the short sale process from the time an offer is received until the Short Sale is approved.  What is in the Seller’s Package typically? Financial statement Hardship Letter detailing the particular hardship that has interfered with the seller’s ability to meet the current loan terms (payments). Copy of pay stubs […]

What is a Short Sale & Can I Short Sell my Home?

Simi VAlley housing Market What is a Short Sale

What is a short sale? A short sale occurs when the seller of a property owes more money against that property than what they can ultimately sell the property for. Example, you have a $500,000 loan against your property, but now it is only worth $400,000. Adding the costs to sell your property at $400,000, […]

Simi Valley Home Buyers 3 Important Concerns with Short Sale Offers

Short Sale Flow Chart

As a Simi Valley Home Buyer in this market you will be confronted by many homes for sale that are Short Sales.  Before submitting an offer buyers should be concerned and careful about the process they are about to enter.  The current market conditions for buyers has been difficult for many. Inventory levels have been […]

What is REO?

What is REO? Here’s one for the longtail and a sort of WIKI entry to my BLOG!!! In any business it is hard not to slip into the industry vernacular and forget that our audience may not really be following. REO is an acronym for Real Estate Owned. Here in Simi Valley and Moorpark an […]