#6 Hiking the Chumash Trail 365 Things to do in Simi Valley

(Video Below) Friday night I got started about 20-30 minutes later than I planned.  Even though hiking the Chumash Trail in Simi Valley is a little less than 3 miles to the top the elevation gain is significant and with 80 degree weather you can only go so fast.  At about 3/4 of a mile there is a level spot with some beautiful sandstone formations which gives the first break.  After about a 1.5 miles it is mostly trails that hug the side of the mountain with dramatic views all the way.  Approximately 1/10th of a mile past the 2 mile marker is Hamilton Saddle.  It’s a small pass that gives a great view of Simi all the way out past the Bard Reservoir an onto the Channel Islands on a clear day.  To the east is Oat Mountain and canyon views.  From Hamilton Saddle to the Fire road that connects to Rocky Peak, the hike is not steep and is moderately up hill with great views again. A marker for the Chumash Trail states 2.6 miles, but I think the distance is farther than that.

Hiking the Chumash Trail in Simi Valley Precautions: If you plan to take this hike, please note that the area has wild animals.  Rattlesnakes, Coyotes, Mountain Lion, Bobcats are in the area and if you go you need to be prepared.  Also stinging insects could be an issue for those with allergies.  On the way down Friday evening I saw a large deer, but my camera was in my pack and it was pretty dark.  The area has NO DRINKING water, you must bring your own.  I carry 64 ounces in two Nalgene bottles on hot days minimum.  If you want to cover more ground faster Trekking Poles are a huge help and the trail has sand, loose rocks and is very uneven in places.<br><br>

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