Simi Valley Oakridge Estates Homes For Sale Trends from 2003 -2009

Simi Valley Real Estate Oakridge Estates

Below are the general  home sales trends for homes in Simi Valley Oakridge Estates going back to 2003 to the end of 2009. There are a few homes for sale in the tract currently and as of the end of March 2010, no sales. The data was pulled from the Ventura County  Regional Data Share. Because of many changes in the systems that maintain the MLS data in 2003, data is not available from the MLS  prior to 2003. There will be an additional blog post with floor plans for the track and I will have graphs  illustrating the sales for each particular model.

In looking at the years below, the sales have pretty much returned to  pricing close to what we saw in 2003. However what is encouraging is that the Valley View model, the largest model in the tract, is trending better than in 2003.

The tract consists of approximately  220 homes and historically has low turnover. The low turnover is slightly problematic in that it gives appraisal firms fewer comparables to help support price increases. It was interesting as the market was moving up in the 2003 – 2006 markets that Simi Valley Oakridge Estates lagged in the increases compared other tracts.

Oakridge Estates Simi Valley 2003 Sales Data
AVERAGE Sale Price 577300
HIGH Sale Price 615000
LOW Sale Price 497500
List to Sale Ratio 100%
Average Days on Market 9
Number of Homes Sold 5
Oakridge Estate Simi Valley 2004 Sales Data
AVERAGE Sale Price 710707
HIGH Sale Price 790000
LOW Sale Price 598000
List to Sale Ratio 99%
Average Days on Market 42
Number of Homes Sold 7
Oakridge Estate Simi Valley 2005 Sales Data
AVERAGE Sale Price 780855
HIGH Sale Price 849000
LOW Sale Price 723000
List to Sale Ratio 97%
Average Days on Market 100%
Number of Homes Sold 3
Oakridge Estate Simi Valley 2006 Sales Data
AVERAGE Sale Price 809636
HIGH Sale Price 979000
LOW Sale Price 675000
List to Sale Ratio 96%
Average Days on Market 49
Number of Homes Sold 6
Oakridge Estate Simi Valley 2007 Sales Data
AVERAGE Sale Price 786779
HIGH Sale Price 819000
LOW Sale Price 738450
List to Sale Ratio 95%
Average Days on Market 64
Number of Homes Sold 7
Oakridge Estate Simi Valley 2008 Sales Data
AVERAGE Sale Price 647833
HIGH Sale Price 710000
LOW Sale Price 637000
List to Sale Ratio 90%
Average Days on Market 69
Number of Homes Sold 6
Oakridge Estate Simi Valley 2009 Sales Data
AVERAGE Sale Price 588333
HIGH Sale Price 765000
LOW Sale Price 480000
List to Sale Ratio 94%
Average Days on Market 141
Number of Homes Sold 5
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